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G.Loomis Pro4x

$375.00 $262.50
Availability: In stock

Freshwater: As with our PRO4x trout rods, we've mirrored our NRX taper designs with the PRO4x salmon and steelhead rods to gain a noticeable reduction in weight, especially in the tip-section. This not only makes the rod fish lighter - a much improved swing-weight - but increases the rate of blank recovery for better casting distance and accuracy. Proprietary processes in both blank and rod manufacturing allow us to provide optimum performance in key areas to improve line control and mending. They will handle sink-tips, shooting heads and of course, full floating lines with ease. Available in 9 & 10-foot lengths, these are not only high performance, but economical as well. As beautiful to look at as they are to fish, these are rods any fly fisher would be proud to own. It’s what you've come to expect from G.Loomis.

Saltwater: Taking a page from our NRX rod designs to create a really nice, less expensive saltwater fly rod, the PRO4x Series features our fiber-blend technology, allowing us to create a rod with a light tip, strong mid-section and powerful butt-section. These are 4-piece rods designed specifically for the traveling angler. Ranging from 8 to 10-weights, they will handle most of the flats species, and some of the smaller offshore stuff. Light, strong and smooth casting, these rods are a great option for even the most discriminate angler and they are as beautiful to cast as they look!

Urban Angler Staff - Miles 10-12-2016 17:00

If you are in the market for an affordable but well casting, tough, trusty rod, the Pro4x is for you. Despite being built with more modest craftsman ship and materials than the NRX, the Pro4x uses some NRX's technology in its tip section. I particularly enjoy this rod in its smaller weight sizes for dry fly presentations to trout.

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